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Hiring with
an Emotional AI

Meet the best candidates with your top-performers’ mix of aptitudes and traits, based on 10,000+ data points of real-time behaviour and emotions collected via game-based assessment

Hiring has great potential for improvement

46% of new hires fail within 18 months

Replacement costs up to $7,650 per employee in US

New generation change jobs more frequently, up to 10-14 by the age of 38

Intelligent. Data-driven. Efficient.

WeHire.ai is a data-driven smart hiring solution - the synergy of
psychometric, Artificial Intellegence and game technology


Detailed psychometric assessment

Statistically validated data

Emotion AI

Neural networks analysis

Automated machine learning algorithms

Candidate’s real-time emotions

Game - tech

23 neuroscience-based games

10,000+ data points of behaviour collected

Your gains as




Efficient talent-acquisition and management

Strong corporate culture

Improvement in candidates quality

Lower employee turnover

Reduction of bad hire costs, operational burden and recruitment timing

Growth of brand loyalty

Great personalization

100% prompt feedback

Detailed personal profile

Enjoyable stress-free experience

Higher students’ academic results, satisfaction and lower dropout rates

More internship and employment offers, better perspectives to find a fulfilling jobs

Students’ academic and career success lead to higher ratings of educational institution and programs

The higher ratings, the better students, and the more research budgets

What we measure

We look into attitudes that doom your Company’s success by focusing on the right indicators and measure them

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Temperament
  • Innovative thinking and many more

How does it work

We execute neural networks analysis of your employees’ data to build predictive models and algorithms that will help identify and hire potential top-performers with the same mix of aptitudes and traits as your top.

Step one

WeHire.ai analyzes the collected aggregated anonymized data, recognizes unique patterns and trends and constructs your top-performers’ profiles

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Step two

Candidates play Wehire.ai games designed specially to uncover personality traits

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Step three

Wehire.ai analyzes candidates’ data, compares their profiles to those of your top-performers to identify best matches and reveals them to you for interviews and hiring

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Engaging experience

Enjoyable interface of 23 neuroscience-based games provide engaging experience and increase loyalty to the employer brand

Emotion AI

Human emotions facial recognition systems reveal subconscious attitudes to provide accurate and expanded results

Neuroscience based

Reputable scientifically-proven techniques assess risk taking propensity and other crucial attitudes and traits

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And find out how to acquire the best talents

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